Several months ago, a Journey began with over 700 young women from several parts of the country indicating interest in becoming The Nigerian Queen 2020, after several stages of screening, 31 outstanding women made it into the contest.

17th November 2020, the contestants arrived at camp for what would turn out to be a roller coaster ride of a Journey to become the 12th Nigerian queen. A welcome party was organized in their honor to help them relax and settle in properly, after which, they were oriented on what was expected of them.

The training and rehearsals started the following day, beginning from catwalk lessons, to fashion and social ethics to get them acquainted with the workings of being a queen. The girls were also allowed to indulge in several fun activities, like swimming, going to the beach, and visiting the cinema to see the movie.

The grand finale of the Nigerian Queen 2020 was phenomenal. The landmark event center was filled to its capacity inside out with spectators and supporters cheering and waving their placards in support of their favorite contestant. Roadtonigerianqueen2020 stage was very magnificent with so much finesse.

Drummers took position on both wings of the stage, cameras all clicking, fireworks spluttered and the crowd cheered as drums roses to usher in the 31 contestants on their cultural wears. They held the audience spellbound with their awe-inspiring cultural performance, followed by unity dance, and cocktail gowns. Awards were given to deserving contestants and after several hours of an Eventful Journey, the 12th Nigerian Queen emerged and was crowned immediately. Here are some highlights of the Nigerian queen 2020 grand finale.