It’s a beautiful Saturday on the Island and our contestants are awake, elevated, and ravishing. What a time to be alive, a brand new day to break new grounds, to rewrite yesterday, to bring oneself to the frame of the mind and to the greater energy required to accomplish dreams that need plain hard work. It’s more than a beauty pageant, it’s a Journey to self-discovery #RoadtoNigeriaqueen2020. “It is not just enough to dream big, you must reach out and touch the stars.”

The contestants started their day looking enchanting as usual during the morning photoshoot. They progress from there to a brief choreography session, after which visited the venue_ Landmark event center, where the 12th Edition of the Nigerian Queen 2020 will be hosted. It was a fun time and a time to reflect on the road ahead because at this venue come November 21, 2020; the 12th Nigerian Queen will emerge. The question still protesting for the answer right now is; who will be the next Nigerian queen 2020? Stay in this space for more. You can also pay and stream the event live from our site Until then, cherish these few picture highlights.