Road to Nigerian queen 2020

Day three of the #RoadtoNigerianqueen2020 kicked off with a brief address by the creative director of the Nigerian Queen Organization where he stressed the need for tolerance and good team spirit. In his address, he implored the contestants to remain focus bound on their goals, regardless of how tough and stressful the process may be while also seizing the opportunity to network and improve upon their interpersonal skills. in his own words “irrespective of the fact that you are here for the same purpose, you cannot afford to play the rival game. you must tolerate and relate politely with everyone. you must be a good team player remember this is THE NIGERIAN QUEEN, and patience is a very attractive virtue, just as resilience critical.

The brief charge comes to a close and the contestants immediately changed into costumes to commence rehearsals; beginning with photography sessions, traditional dance, catwalk training, and choreography. the contestants were elated and at the same time stressed that the process was stressful, but they were reminded that “Nothing worthwhile comes easy”. the activity of the day was brought to rest with a dance routine and group photographs.   the photograph shows the highlights moments of the day.